Important Notices to all Hampton University Students

March 31, 2016

Important Notice to all Hampton University Students and Parents

It has come to the attention of the Division of Administrative Services that a weekend event has been planned to occur in the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia, during the time period April 22-24, 2016. This is NOT a sanctioned, Hampton University event and persons who participate do so at their own risk, financially and otherwise. Neither Hampton University nor its student organizations have any involvement with the planning of any activities connected to what has been called "College Beach Weekend." Hampton University does not assume any responsibility for the actions of persons that participate. If you decide to participate in the event, you are reminded to exercise caution and to be mindful of guidelines and local and state laws. Additionally, the Code of Conduct and guidelines for acceptable behavior are in effect for on and off campus situations at all times.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of this weekend to study and prepare for final examinations.

Thank you for your attention and immediate compliance with this advisement.

Dr. Barbara L. Inman
Vice President for Administrative Services


Dear Students:

In light of the recent tragic events that occurred this past weekend near the campus of Old Dominion University, I am issuing this important notice concerning your safety. Please be reminded that even though the local communities may have attractions and social gatherings that you are interested in attending, the streets, some private homes and apartment complexes may be locations where criminal activity takes place and you are putting your safety and well-being at risk. Some of the neighborhoods in that section of Norfolk have seen significant increases in violent crime. You should avoid these areas, especially at night.

By no means am I suggesting that you should not attend local events, but I am cautioning you to be careful, watchful and wise in making decisions about your involvement. As you may be aware it does not take much agitation to spark an incident. Verbal altercations can quickly escalate into physical confrontations that go beyond what you can anticipate. Sometimes confrontations result in serious injuries and sometimes can have tragic consequences.

You are further reminded to avoid the use of alcoholic beverages if you are under the legal age in Virginia, twenty-one (21). If you are over 21, avoid becoming intoxicated or so drunk that you risk alcohol poisoning. Do not accept drinks in social settings where you are not in control of the source or possible content of the beverage, such as a cup of fruit punch as opposed to a sealed can of soda, juice or a bottle of water. Do not eat food items that may be offered to you if you have questions about the possible contents. As an example brownies, cookies, cakes and other items that contain THC oil (tetrahydrocannabinol or marijuana) when ingested can cause severe illness, hallucinations or more serious injury.

Your college years should be some of the best years of your life and the Administration, faculty and staff want you to enjoy your time at our Home by the Sea. But we want you to exercise discretion in social settings: THINK. MAKE WISE DECISIONS. BE SAFE. Each of you has an appointment with your destiny in May of the year your degree is to be conferred. You don't want to miss that celebration.

With all good wishes for a safe, productive school year,

Sincerely yours,

Barbara L. Inman, EdD
Vice President for Administrative Services


Important Health Advisory Notice to All Students

RE: Increase in Statistical Reports of STIs and STDs

From time to time my office receives statistical reports that track the incidences of sexually transmitted infections and sexually transmitted diseases that have been identified in our student population. There has been a disquieting increase in the number of reported cases and I am therefore writing to each of you today based upon our concern as an institution to encourage the safe and effective practice of abstinence and other forms of safe sexual activity, to include the use of condoms, spermicidal gels and other products that are designed to inhibit the spread of diseases during sexual intimacy. While I am not encouraging indulgence in sexual activity, I am not unaware of the strong influence that sexual activity has in our student population. With this in mind, I am reminding you that effective and safe sex is sex that is planned and includes the use of products that will inhibit the spread of infections.

The other area of concern includes mouth sores from sexual activity that includes mouth-to-genitalia contact and other forms of intimate contact where the mouth is engaged. Typically, these acts do not include protection from condoms or other devices and thus promotes risky behavior that can lead to serious infections and the spread of diseases.

Remember, you and your intimate partner(s) become part of a community of partners, some known and some unknown, when you participate in unprotected sexual intercourse. You and your partner may not have been infected, but somewhere down the line another sexual contact was infected and they have passed their connection to you!

Abstinence is still the best method to avoid catching an infection you don't want. If you choose to engage, be smart about it and protect your future and the future of someone with whom you will one day share the love of your life.


Barbara L. Inman, Ed.D.
Vice President for Administrative Services

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